Auditions are getting Closer….

Auditions are getting Closer….

Information on auditions coming very soon. You too could sing like this every night!

Script nearly finished.
Songs being written
Audition pack completed
Roles details about to be released.

Who is excited!!!

From John Gladigau (Producer/Playwright)…..

It’s not quite finished, but I have written 7 out of the 9 scenes for this year’s 20th Anniversary production of Little Town (yes – 20 years!), and I am really excited about how it is coming together. Auditions are in 3 weeks, songs are being composed as we speak, sets are being built, costumes are being made and promotional material is being developed. Life is about to get a little bit more crazy.

The special part of Little Town for me is that I get to become part of this incredible family for a few months. And during the cast warm ups, they even let ME sing…



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