Little Town Productions have been enjoyed by thousands of people since the first production was performed in St Peter’s Lutheran Church in 1999.  Since that time it has developed into a major outreach ministry, involving people from throughout the Riverland and beyond, across all denominations and from all walks of life.  The Little Town Christmas Production has become an integral part and a highlight of the Riverland’s Christmas festivities as people have flocked to St Peter’s, knowing they will both laugh and be moved to tears as they become involved in the greatest story of all time.

The Little Town Production has been a long journey, from it’s humble beginnings in December 1999 to the quality production we see before us today.  Along the way, we have been blessed by people coming forward and giving of their talents in so many areas, each of whom has added an indelible mark which has helped shape the Little Town production of today.  This not only includes our wonderful casts, singers and musicians, but also those who have volunteered their services to build sets, props and costumes.  We are also fortunate to have a very professional group responsible for all the technical aspects we require and a production team which is the envy of many.  Our journey has bonded all of us involved in Little Town together in a special way, with experiences shared behind the scenes creating a unique family atmosphere unlike I have known before, and one which we all cherish.

The Loxton and Riverland community has certainly shared this journey with us in many ways.  From the incredible support of local businesses and media, to the many thousands of people who have made the trip to St Peter’s on a weekend in December over the past 20 years, and celebrated the incredible gift which God gave to the world through that little town, two thousand years ago, and to our lives today.

We are not sure where the Little Town journey will take us next, or at what point of the journey we are currently on, but we move forward clear in the knowledge that God has guided us this far, and he will give us vision for what his plans are for the future.  But as we celebrate the reason for the season, we think of the baby Jesus, lying in that manger softened with straw, surrounded by his parents and the curious onlookers in his humble resting place.  All of them had stories to tell of their journey to Bethlehem, and  the impact it had on their individual lives.  For Jesus, that journey was only just beginning.