It was just a little town. It could have been any town. It could have been your town.

This has been the motto of Little Town Productions since we began in 1999, and through all of our productions we have tried to retell the nativity story though the eyes of the people who were there at the time – while presenting the message of God’s gift to us each Christmas. We use modern imagery, humour, majesty and music to take people on a journey which touches on the true meaning of Christmas, and makes them feel proud of where they live.

With SHINE, we have tried to capture the essence of all Little Town is about. We want to put people in the picture and see the story of the nativity and all our town and region have to offer through different eyes. Loxton is the Christmas town – but it is much more than that.
SHINE begins with a young shepherd boy called David who is present at the nativity, and he places a gift at the manger of the baby Jesus. We are then transported to Loxton in 2021, where he meets a young girl called Cassandra (which means ‘to shine down’). Together Cassie and David place a gift at the foot of a large Christmas tree. Baubles appear on the tree, which then crack open and water cascades from them signifying the river and the life that water means to our community. We see images of water sports and activities, river cliffs and landscape, while the iconic local Tree of Knowledge with its flood levels grows majestically up the steeple.

In the ensuring scenes Cassie leads David on a journey through Loxton, and we see representations of local fruit produce, sheep and grain.

Its now 12 noon, and the air raid siren in the Loxton Historical Village is heard throughout the town, and Cassie and David explore the local tourism site, along with a few of its resident pets.

We are transported to the front of St Peter’s Church to listen to the Singing Christmas Tree, signifying the message of Love, Joy and Peace which we want to share with all at Christmas time. Our next point of call is Loxton’s own Christmas Wonderland, with its iconic displays, lights and Christmas favourites for all the family.

Finally, its Lights Up Night – celebrating 30 years in 2021 with an amazing fireworks display.


Through all the local imagery, there are links back to the nativity story of 2000 years ago, with the local farmer transforming into a shepherd, the singers on the Singing Christmas Tree becoming angels and more.

The journey begins with Cassie leading David on a tour of her town, showcasing to him all the things she loves and is proud of in her region. And it ends with David leading Cassie back to the stable, the true source of all love, joy and peace. Together they place a gift at the manger, and when opened it reveals symbols from all the previous scenes – examples of all the gifts which God has given to us as a community. Including himself.

SHINE begins as it starts, with the focus on the nativity and ultimately the star. The symbol of hope.

Blessings to you all this Christmas.