Karyn Skewes (Music Director)

I have been writing music for Little Town Productions for many years now so when John Gladigau inspired me with his vision for lighting up St Peter’s Church I knew I had to be part of the project. As the theme of the project is Shine it made sense to start with the song of the same name that John and I wrote. It was written for the angel and choir in 2007 for Little Town the Journey. Our original angel was Desiree Frahn so it made sense to get Desiree back to sing the song again with the Riverland Community Choir in support. Desiree is now a lead soprano with State Opera so we are very privileged and grateful to have been able to have her come back to be involved with the recording.

The soundtrack for the whole animation begins and ends with the song Shine but moves in between through several different musical styles to reflect the style of each animated scene. There are 8 scenes in all for which I have created and produced new music. It was all recorded on my trusty Yamaha workstation with different instrumentation for each scene. Local sound engineer Brett Phillis helped with the mixing and mastering process and sent the completed soundtrack off to Illuminart to add to the animation. I am really pleased with the end product and proud to have been involved with such an amazing project.

Riverland Community Choir                                                     

Riverland Community Choir


Roster for Music Entertainment:

Friday 17th – Riverland Community Choir

Saturday 18th – Joey Haenen

Sunday 19th – Riverland Community Choir

Monday 20th – Music Alive Children’s Choir

Tuesday 21st – Riverland Community Choir

Wednesday 22nd – The Wattle Birds Singing Group

Thursday 23rd – Riverland Community Choir

Friday 24th St Peter’s Carol Service

Desiree Frahn (Performer)

Soprano Desiree Frahn is a graduate of the Elder Conservatorium and a principal artist with State Opera of South Australia and the James and Diana Ramsey Foundation Opera Program. For the company she has performed many leading roles and sung as a soloist in their regional tours, concerts and radio broadcasts.

She performs regularly as a soloist with the Adelaide Symphony orchestra in both new and established works, and also sings with Australian Contemporary Opera, the Elder Conservatorium Orchestra and Victoria Chorale.

Desiree’s Little Town journey began as the singing angel when she was 14. “Shine” was written and featured in her final season in 2006, involving detailed lighting effects even then. Both the song and original angel made a comeback for the Little Town 20th Anniversary season in 2019 before ending up as part of the amazing Shine Project projection.

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