Illuminart was established in 2007 by projection arts pioneer Cindi Drennan, who established a new model for developing digital media collaboratively, supporting arts and culture to shine in regional communities in outback South Australia. Co-founder Craig Laurendet joined illuminart in 2010 creating a NSW base in the Blue Mountains. Today, illuminart employs a national team of projection arts and illumination specialists who work on commissioned and self-produced works stunningly presented throughout the country. Winning awards for excellence in business, inclusion and innovation, our story has become one of imaginative brilliance, cultural leadership and authentic community engagement.

Illuminart are best known for our Architectural Storytelling form of projection art, combining large scale mapped projection onto architecture with animated audiovisual narratives. Other accomplishments include permanent projection systems designed and maintained by illuminart; interactive projections and projection sculptures that generate image from movement, sneaky and fun guerilla projections and street activations, and collaborative hybrid media projects to develop innovative forms of luminous artistry that enliven theatre, creative events and urban spaces.

Our projection art has featured at creative events and festivals, museums and cultural precincts around Australia. Illuminart and Gotye’s Fractured Heart Interactive was featured at VIVID Sydney and displayed at National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra ACT. Other well known projects include Yabarra – Gathering of LightLuminous Hall in WA, and the award winning Port Inhabited in SA. You can see more examples on our Highlights page.

In parallel with our care for content and story in our work with groups, festivals and businesses, we accomplished many ‘firsts’ in our industry. In the early days our research and innovation provided successful projection mapping techniques before commercial tools even were available. Now, we continue to invent and reveal new ways of working with light, bringing interactivity, virtual reality and remote presence into projects to engage audiences in new ways.

Our artists and technologists (the illuminarty) have evolved their skills and knowledge through the ongoing crafting and evaluation of what we do, whether it is a son et lumier, a performance or corporate presentation, or an immersive experience. Each of our installations, small or large, is created through our effective collaborative relationships with the people and places who want their stories, events and celebrations to shine.

Illuminart has been developed and evolved by our team and our peers through a constant refinement of artistic process, knowledge and service.  We look forward to continuing our story, and offering enlightenment for decades to come.