Celebrating 20 Years in 2019

2019 Christmas Production..

There are wise men in the east who are captivated by a star and the prophesies of ancient past.  They are wealthy. They are wise.
They are dedicated to their task.  They seek a baby, one who has been promised to change the world as they know it. But where is he?

There is a king – one who rules with pomp, majesty and power.

He is celebrating the birth of his son and heir – the one who will be the new king. It is his birthright. His honour. His heritage.
It is no surprise that elite
scholars from distant lands would seek him out in order to offer him gifts and bow down to him.

But it seems they are not sure.

And then there is the young couple from Nazareth, forced to travel to an unknown land sharing a secret they feel is only known to them.

But is it?

Three kings.

Each has a claim on history.

But which one is the real king?


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