Welcome to Little Town


and…That’s a wrap for Little Town 2017. Thank you to everyone who came and saw the show.  If you missed it, you are able to purchase the DVD for only $25.  Click here to Order your copy.

See the sneak peak of this great production below


‘Unexpected Moments’

It’s Loxton 2017, and the community is abuzz with Christmas.  All the town has come out for the annual Lights Up celebration, with people flocking to Christmas Wonderland to find the elusive Where’s Wally’s. Happiness is in the air, holiday plans are being made, and Christmas gifts are being exchanged.

Shania, Dylan and Josephine are three local teenagers ‘hanging out’ in the streets when they meet up with a strange young couple who say they are heading towards a place called Bethlehem, which they have never heard of before. She is young and heavily pregnant. He talks kind of strange. They are looking for a place to stay, in a town overflowing with tourists. They are a young couple, just like them – but it’s as if they were from a different world.  It was kind of unexpected.

They are pointed in the direction of the Schmidt family farm, where Derek and Dianne live with their two young children Tommy and Alana who are so pleased to have their daddy home again after a long harvest. They are excited about Christmas, gifts, food and celebrations – but dad and mum use the occasion to teach them that the season was also about love, joy, peace, acceptance and tolerance. And then there is a knock at the door –  and the story which follows leads them on a journey of discovery blending two worlds which are ultimately one.

And many unexpected moments…