2011 ‘Anna’s Hope’ Easter DVD

0 out of 5


Running time: 120 minutes.


Anna is just an ordinary young girl, who lived an extraordinary life. Her family are of wealthy stock, with her father Jairus being a leading temple official who has high political aspirations and revels in the attention his family’s riches bring, much to the chagrin of his loving and devoted wife, Miriam. Her older sister Beck is a young lady of the modern world, while her brother Jake dreams of becoming just like his self-consumed and powerful father. While out playing in the park, Anna befriends a sorrowful Jesus, who is mourning the death of his father Joseph. Though tentative at first, Anna strikes up a conversation with Jesus which starts a friendship which affects her for the rest of her life. She is on her way to the temple to meet her family, where her father and brother gleefully show off their bountiful offerings in the courtyard while looking down on the peasantry that surrounded them.

Around the same time, John the Baptist is making his presence felt, preaching the coming of one who was greater than he and baptizing those who are repenting of their ways. He is approached by Jesus and to the wonderment of Anna, Jake and his friend Josh, baptizes him and is pronounced by God himself to be the Son in whom he is well pleased.

Jesus begins to make a deep impression with the people in Galilee, calling on fisherman to drop their nets and follow him and creates a huge following. People are being healed, miracles are performed and lives are being transformed. It all comes to a head one day on a hill near the Sea of Galilee where thousands of people have gathered to hear Jesus preach. Jairus has also come to the hill, convinced that addressing the large crowd with his far reaching policies would greatly benefit his fledgling political career. But the people are there to hear Jesus, and are not impressed with Jairus’ political stunt. Among those at the hill are Peter, who takes great delight in his status as a personal friend of Jesus, and sisters Maggie and Martha who love to sit at Jesus feet and hear his teaching.

As the day draws longer, the people become hungry, and the contributions of Josh combined with the blessing of Jesus create a memorable day never to be forgotten by all those who are present. Jairus is furious with Jesus, and is desperate to find a way to stop his influence amongst his people. He meets with Hezekiah at the temple and together they begin to plot the overthrow of this self-proclaimed messiah.

While waiting for Jairus with her mother at the temple, Anna becomes ill, and over a period of several weeks deteriorates significantly. Jairus and Miriam use all their powerful connections and financial resources to find a cure for Anna’s mysterious illness, but to no avail. Finally in desperation, Miriam persuades Jairus to swallow his pride and go cap in hand to Jesus. Jairus meets Jesus, and much to the disgust of Peter, pleads with him to heal his daughter. Jesus agrees to come to his house, but on their way they are met by his servant Jamar who breaks the news no father would ever want to hear. The events which follow transform the life of Jairus and his family, who now has the desperate job of trying to unravel the meticulous plans he had earlier put in place to destroy the influence of the teacher Jesus.

Anna’s Hope is a story of a father’s love for his family, though with misguided convictions and selfish ideals. It is a story of desperation and frustration, miracles and healings, joys and sorrows, confusion and adoration. It is a story about childlike faith and a hope for the future.    Anna’s hope. Our hope.