2009 ‘Come Celebrate’ Christmas DVD

0 out of 5


Running time: 120 minutes.


It all begins the day before Jesus’ 10th birthday.  He and his family are living a simple life in the rural town of Nazareth in Galilee.  Like all kids, Jesus loves to spend time with his mates having some fun, and hide and seek is always a hit for most – though it can be seen as juvenile for some.  With influences from their parent’s careers, John, Zack, Maggie, Martha and Jesus spend some time dreaming about just what they would like to be when they grow up and are ‘ruling their worlds’.     Jesus’ father Joseph is a local carpenter, and having been through the amazing experience of Jesus’ birth, is keen to create symbols and references which will remind his family and others in the community that there is something special about their son. Mary is  not always impressed with some of his symbolic endeavours, especially if it involves bringing things into the house! But they have both been impacted in a profound way by the circumstances surrounding Jesus’ birth, and regularly reminisce about their Bethlehem experience. While still not being sure of what God’s chosen destiny is for their son, they never cease to be ‘amazed by his mighty love’ and his continual hand in their life so far.

Zechariah and Elizabeth also have a story to tell, and one which Ali, the new reporter from the Jordan News is keen to pursue. Their son John was born while they were already quite elderly, and while they both may be hard of hearing and can sometimes be misunderstood, they are both very clear on the fact that their son was sent by God as a messenger to prepare the way for the Promised Messiah. Mary and Joseph have a very close relationship with their son, and each night when they tuck him into bed they share their highs and lows of the day, and bless each other before they go to sleep. On the night before his birthday as they share about their day, Jesus questions his parents about angels. Mary and Joseph share again with him about the experiences they shared at his birth, along with their celestial encounters which have had a profound impact on their lives, and the knowledge that even today ‘there are angels all around us’.

As the day of Jesus’ birthday arrives, people start to arrive for the big party. These include Matt the tax collector (the father of Jesus’ friend Zachaeus) and Sarah (the gossiping mum of Maggie and Martha). While socially poles apart, Matt and Sarah have a prolonged conversation during which Sarah informs her new beaurocratic acquaintance of the rumours of Mary’s unmarried pregnancy, booked out inns, guiding stars and baby slaughters. With everyone having arrived, Joseph once again attempts to revisit his creation of birthday symbols, and is pleasantly surprised to see how the children embrace his construction of a birthday tree. With the tree decorated and the presents opened, the adults discuss their children’s destinies and what they would like to pass on to them as they innocently move towards their teenage years and into adulthood. The cake arrives, the celebration begins and all are invited to ‘come one, come all, come celebrate’ at the birthday of our Lord.