2007 ‘The Journey’ Christmas DVD

0 out of 5


Running time: 120 minutes.


They were all there….

The innocent young couple whose lives had been changed forever by an angel’s news, a community’s scorn and the impending birth of the one they had been told was the Promised Messiah.
A slightly eccentric innkeeper and his domineering wife, struggling to come to terms with a flood of tourists flocking to their little town, and the sudden popularity of their run down accommodation.
The local sheep farmers, their quiet night swapping yarns around the camp fire, interrupted by an amazing celestial choir, leading to a late night search of their local town to find the treasure deep inside.
Wise men from the east, led by a shining beacon in the night, and laden with exotic gifts for  a king.
And God was there, present as a new born baby lying in a bed of straw, living in our world as one of us.

Join us as we follow the journey of Mary and Joseph, the innkeepers, shepherds, town people and wise men, told through the eyes of the much loved characters who for the past eight years have graced the stage of the Little Town Christmas Productions in Loxton.

It is a journey of hardship, of joy, frustration, laughter, majesty and awe.  It was a journey which for the baby Jesus was only just beginning…..