What an amazingly successful opening night for the latest Little Town Production of ‘Unexpected Moments’.  The Cast and Crew have spent the last 3 months preparing for this night and it was fantastic.  Even before the start of the show, the moment you entered the car park, you felt like you were entering Bethlehem…..You are welcomed by Roman Centurions., the Bethlehem Market was in full swing with sheep, wood working demonstrations, pottery being made and sold by Erin Harrald, local Bethlehem (Riverland) produce for sale (apricots, figs, plums, nuts, grains, other stone fruit and extra virgin olive oil) and the wonderful Star Bux Cafe.  Star Bux Cafe has a great range of cold and hot drinks, sausages, yiros and baked goods. Finally there is a photo booth where you can take a picture of yourself in the barn.

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